The Outpost :: 12:00pm 26th Oct 2023


JASON ISBELL   King Of Oklahoma [Weathervanes]

ROBBIE ROBERTSON   Killers Of The Flower Moon – trailer music [Killers Of The Flower Moon – soundtrack]

JONATHAN RICHMAN   Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow [Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow]

GRANDADDY   Watercooler [Blu Wav]

BABITHA   Happy Person [Brighter Side Of Blue]

CALEXICO   Ballad Of Cable Hogue [Hot Rail]

M.E. BAIRD   Catching Fire [Spinning Man]

ESTHER ROSE   Spider [Safe To Run]

FALLON CUSH   Hang On To Me [single]

FALLON CUSH   Grain Of Salt [live in the 2ser studio]

FALLON CUSH   I’m Trying [single]

FALLON CUSH   Yarramen [Stranger Things Have Happened]

LUCIE THORNE   Golden Plains [Kitty & Frank]

SARA TINDLEY   Lake St. Clair [Greetings From Lake St. Clair]

TERRY SERIO   Cold 45 (no. 2) [Oblivion]

NICK BARKER   Clown Town [Exoskeleton]

NATALIE MERCHANT   Which Side Are You On? [The House Carpenter’s Daughter]

CONCRETE SEA   Don’t Talk To Her [Australian Dream]

ONDARA   A Blackout In Paris [Spanish Villager No. 3]

THE PLEASURES   Paranoid [The Beginning Of The End]

DAVE FAVOURS & THE ROADSIDE ASHES   Back On The Drink [Back On The Drink 12” EP]

LOUIS TILLETT   Around You [The Hanged Man]

ROLLING STONES (feat. LADY GAGA & STEVIE WONDER)   Sweet Sound Of Heaven [Hackney Diamonds]

PERRY KEYES   Walking At Midnight Through The Lot [Black & White Town]

DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS   Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus) [Alabama Ass Whuppin’]

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