The Outpost :: 12:00pm 27th Jul 2017


TOWNES VAN ZANDT Dead Flowers [The Big Lebowski – Soundtrack] ::

LAMBCHOP Up With People [Nixon] ::

WILLIE WATSON Samson And Delilah [Folksinger Vol. 2] ::

KENNETH NORUM Uptempo Song [Heart On A Sleeve] ::

Dr. G Wiyathul [The Sounds Of Indigenous Australia Now And Then] ::

CHARLES JENKINS & THE ZHIVAGOS Kathleen [The Last Polaroid] ::

FREYA JOSEPHINE HOLLICK Silver Water [Don’t Mess With The Doyenne] ::

THE SADIES Violet And Jeffrey Lee [Darker Circles] ::

ALL OUR EXES LIVE IN TEXAS Boundary Road [When we Fall] ::

RAISED BY EAGLES Shape And Line [I Must Be Somewhere] ::

JED ROWE You And I [A Foreign Country] ::

SALMON SMOKERS Kinda Like Sober [The Never-Ending Coconut Experience] ::

MAGNETIC FIELDS Papa Was A Rodeo [69 Love Songs] ::

SAM SHINAZZI The Day We Met [Forever And For Now] ::

VALERIE JUNE Love You Once Made [The Order Of Time] ::

OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 [50 Years Of Blonde On Blonde] ::

OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW I Want You [50 Years Of Blonde On Blonde] ::

SHAKY STILLS Alone [Genuine Moonshine] ::

JASON ISBELL Last Of My Kind [The Nashville Sound] ::

STEVE WERNICK BAND Black Dog Blues [Love Is A Gamble] ::

JOHN MURRY Wrong Man [A Short History Of Decay] ::

TROND SVENDSEN & TUXEDO Don’t You Hate It When They Go [Palomino Motel] ::

RAY DAVIES The Mystery Room [Americana] ::

ROY HARPER I Hate The White Man [Flat Baroque And Berserk] ::

ROBYN HITCHCOCK I Pray When I’m Drunk [Robyn Hitchcock] ::

ALL OUR EXES LIVE IN TEXAS Cadillac [When we Fall] ::

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