The Outpost :: 12:00pm 2nd Nov 2023


CALEXICO   Not Even Stevie Nicks [Feast Of Wire]

CALEXICO   Close Behind [Feast Of Wire]

CAT POWER   Mr. Tambourine Man [Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert]

AL DUVALL   Squirrel Shocking Bee [The Timid Mischief, Or Oh! Anomia]

WILCO   Soldier Child [Cousin]

SUFJAN STEVENS   My Red Little Fox [Javelin]

PONY FACE   Johnny 99 [Nebraska]

PERRY KEYES   Last Night In Redfern Park [Black & White Town]

PERRY KEYES   Inner-City Now [Black & White Town]

PERRY KEYES   Streets Of A Black & White Town [Black & White Town]

PERRY KEYES   Fence [Black & White Town]

PERRY KEYES   Billy Boy [Black & White Town]

PERRY KEYES   Abandoned Car Problems [Black & White Town]

LUCINDA WILLIAMS   Factory [The Ghosts Of Highway 20]

NATHAN SEECKTS   Measured And Wanting [Something Rare And Beautiful]

D.C. CROSS   Birdy Birdy [Wizrad]

D.C. CROSS   A Harebrained Adventure Of An Amateur Shaman [Wizrad]

DAVE FAVOURS & THE ROADSIDE ASHES   Back On The Drink [Back On The Drink 12” EP]

BABITHA   How The Time Is Tickin’ [Brighter Side Of Blue]

SUSTO   Mt. Caroline [My Entire Life]

CALEXICO   Across The Wire [Feast Of Wire]

CALEXICO   Guero Canelo [Feast Of Wire]

CAT POWER   Like A Rolling Stone [Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert]

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