The Outpost :: 12:00pm 30th Jul 2020


JOHNNY CASH   Folsom Prison Blues [At Folsom Prison]

COURTNEY MARIE ANDREWS   Old Flowers [Old Flowers]

THE FORRESTERS   I Need To Know [single]

MY MORNING JACKET   Run It [The Waterfall ll]

HANNAH WHITE & THE NORDIC CONNECTIONS   Pay Me A Compliment [Hannah White & The Nordic Connections]

COUNTRY WESTERNS   It’s Not Easy [Country Westerns]

JD & THE HUNGERMEN   Wolves [Self-Titled EP]

LUCIE TIGER   Greenwood [Gasoline EP]

LUCIE TIGER   Gasoline [live in the 2ser studio]

LUCIE TIGER   Cicero Blues [Apple Tree EP]

JOHN ‘K’ KRSULJA   Keep Quiet [Burden Of The Fool]

THE WEEPING WILLOWS   Wheels Won’t Roll [single]

SEAN McMAHON   Janelle [Janelle EP]

LILI ALASKA   Child/1939 [Little Devil EP]

GARY LOURIS & MARK OLSON   Saturday Morning On Sunday Street [Ready For The Flood]

DAVE FAVOURS   Wet Suburban Sunday [Wet Suburban Sunday]

LOENE CARMEN   Sunday Night [It Walks Like Love]

CASH SAVAGE & THE LAST DRINKS   Sunday Morning [One Of Us]

DAN PARSONS   Sunday Morning Cinema [Sunday Morning Cinema]

HANDSOME FAMILY   Sunday Morning Coming Down [Smothered & Covered]

BRYAN ESTEPA   Sunday Best [Sunday Best]


WILCO   One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend) [The Whole Love]

JIM WHITE   A Perfect Day To Chase Tornadoes [Wrong-Eyed Jesus]

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