The Outpost :: 12:00pm 9th Nov 2023


JOHNNY RIVERS   Secret Agent Man [Secret Agent Man: The Ultimate Johnny Rivers Anthology]

THOSE DARLINS   The Whole Damn Thing [Those Darlins]

DAVE FAVOURS & THE ROADSIDE ASHES   Bleeding Heart [Back On The Drink 12” EP]

D.C. CROSS   No Old Man [Wizrad]

D.C. CROSS   Kind Neighbour Introduction [Wizrad]

D.C. CROSS   Brumby Revisited [live in the 2ser studio]

D.C. CROSS   The Regicide Of Daniel Ek Made No Sound [Wizrad]

HANNAH WHITE   The Aftershow [Sweet Revolution]

~~~~~~ Make Your Stash – Guest Programmer: Matina Bourmas~~~~~~  

ALANNAH RUSSACK   Places You Love [Memories Pass Each Other]

CLOSE TO FOREVER   White Valiant [Hearts And Desire]

PSARANTONIS   O Dias [Idaeon Antron]

HISTORY OF TREES   Sure Easterly (Boids) [Observatory Lane]

THE VILLENETTES   Good As Dead [I Love You … But Rum Is Better EP]

TURKEY RANCHERO   Turkey Ranchero [Turkey Ranchero]

STEPHEN CUMMINGS   Carry Your Heart [100 Years From Now]

RED RIVER DAVE   California Hippy Murders [Psycho Serenade]

ADAM GIBSON & THE ARK-ARK BIRDS   Belanglo, Byron And The Road Between [Cities Of Spinifex]

THE PLUGZ   Reel Ten [Repo Man – Soundtrack]


PERRY KEYES   Streets Of A Black & White Town [Black & White Town]

WILCO   Infinite Surprise [Cousin]

ALLISON RUSSELL   Eve Was Black [The Returner]

JAMIE HUTCHINGS   Life In A Dressing Gown [A New]

THOSE DARLINS   Repo Man [American Laundromat Tribute To Repo Man]

THE PLUGZ   Hombre Secreto (Secret Agent Man) [Repo Man – Soundtrack]

D.C. CROSS   Kind Neighbour Introduction [Wizrad]

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