Used Parts Galaxy :: Steve Hauschildt – Critique Of The Beautiful 12th Aug 2019

Steve Hauschildt  is an American electronic musician based in Cleveland. He was a member of the band Emeralds and has been releasing solo material since 2011. Our focus is on an earlier CDR released on the Gneiss Things label, Critique of the Beautiful, which was reissued amongst other small releases on Editions Mego as a 37 track compilation, S/H. This is a gorgeous collection of kosmische inspired synth music. As well intriguing sounds from Vodka Soap, Danny Scott Lane and Old Amica.


Adrian Lane   To Fulfil the Promise I Have Promises to Keep

Old Amica   Savast Taiga

James A. McDermid   Pulling Yellow In Little Swallows

Anarchist Mountains   CITY Generations

Vodka Soap   Grabbing at Gunn Brothers Here Sir Eat Fire!

Robert Davies   Grey Moth Flutters Cloak of Summer

Steve Hauschildt   No Way Of Knowing Critique of The Beautiful

Steve Hauschildt   What One Does To Another Critique of the Beautiful

Steve Hauschildt   Runway Critique Of The Beautiful

Steve Hauschildt   Critique of The Beautiful Critique Of The Beautiful

Danny Scott Lane   Six How To Empty A Cup

Playdate   Tape V Night Manitoulin Tapes

S Oliwa   Dri-Ki Botanica Onirica VOL I

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