Used Parts Galaxy :: Chris Abrahams and Mike Cooper 1st Jun 2020

Mike Cooper and Chris Abrahams first teamed up as a duo in Sydney in 2005 to record Oceanic Feeling -Like – released in 2007 on the Australian Room 40 label to critical acclaim. Featuring Chris on piano/DX7 and Mike on Lap Steel Guitar /Electronics, this is an immersive listen with complex moments that take you outside your comfort zone.

Track: I Need Space
Artist: Pruski
Release: Home Diaries 005
Label: Whitelabrecs


Track: Sugimoto Seascapes
Artist: Cut A Lonely Figure
Release: Sugimoto Seascapes
Label: Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records


Track: All tracks
Artist: Chris Abrahams/Mike Cooper
Release: Oceanic Feeling – Like
Label: Room 40


Track: All I Have Not Seen
Artist: Olga Wojciechowska
Release: Infinite Distances
Label: A Strangely Isolated Place

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