Used Parts Galaxy :: Thoughts On Air 29th Jul 2019

Canadian Scott Johnson is known as Thoughts On Air. I’m a big fan of his warped gorgeous textures. Glow On is comprised of eight new works for guitar and synthesizer. Each extols the lo-fi warmth and intimacy you’ve come to know and love from the project, but surprising new avenues are explored this time around as well. From riffs fit to fill an arena to rhythmic organ grooves, Johnson is unafraid guide his bedroom star ship to many fascinating realms of the psychedelic universe.


The Humble Bee & Offthesky   And She Floats In The Air All Other Voices Gone, Only Yours Remains

Anthene   Layover Lost Channel

Slowburner   Shifts in Melody Sunday mornings are for piano

Mister Water Wet   Sarah Sleeping Bought The Farm

Interconnected   Transport Extended Environments

Ambidextrous   Mind Games Arena Vision By Zero

Circle Of Pines   Down To The Dreamy Sky Dark Water Pond

Caboladies   Specular Tea Earth Canal

Branches   Cortega├ža Alto Astral

Ecovillage   Remember The Sky feat. Purl Hold My Hand

Thoughts On Air   Zy Glow On

Thoughts On Air   Fin Glow On

Thoughts On Air   Cue Glow On

Thoughts On Air   M F W A A A B M D Glow On

Thoughts On Air   Glow On . . . Glow On

Thoughts On Air   Hawaiia Glow On

Thoughts On Air   A Sound Surround (Peace Of MInd) Glow On

Thoughts On Air   . . . Anon Glow On

Jogging House   Weavings Lure

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