Used Parts Galaxy :: From Dusk to Dawn 2nd Nov 2020

A special mix that will take you from dusk to dawn! Inspired by Morimoto Naoki’s Dusk to Dawn release, we bookend the show with his tracks and in between some mesmerising releases from The Green Kingdom, zake & Low Howl, Forest Management, Mike Cooper, Endless Melancholy, Taylor Deupree and much more!


Track: Dusk
Artist: morimoto naoki
Release: Dusk to Dawn
Label: Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series

Track: Dusk Tempi
Artist: Eluvium
Release: Field Works
Label: Temporary Residence Ltd.

Track: Sacrament At Dusk
Artist: Elm
Release: Nemcatacoa
Label: Digitalis

Track: Dusk
Artist: zake & Low Howl
Release: Dusk
Label: Zake Drone Recordings


Track: Prayer bells at dusk, near a river
Artist: (Field Recording)
Release: V​/​A​-​A Musical Journey In India
Label: Winged Sun Records

Track: Dusk
Artist: The Green Kingdom
Release: Residence On Earth
Label: Past Inside The Present

Track: The Dusk Melody
Artist: Tatsuki Hamasaki
Release: Memories in Time
Label: Preco Records

Track: Falling Springs at Dusk
Artist: Peter Kris
Release: Afternoons In The Valley
Label: Histamine Tapes

Track: Through Dusk…And Falling Leaves
Artist: Jasper TX
Release: A Voice From Dead Radio [Disc 1]
Label: Under The Spire Recordings

Track: Dusk
Artist: Forest Management
Release: Reset
Label: Lillerne Tapes

Track: In the Violet and Lingering Winter Dusk
Artist: r beny
Release: Seafoam & Dust
Label: Dauw

Track: Feed/Birds to Dusk
Artist: xiphiidae
Release: Honeyguide
Label: Housecraft

Track: Each Day at Dusk
Artist: Mike Cooper
Release: White Shadows In The South Seas
Label: Room40



Track: Near Nightfall, Until Dawn
Artist: Kris Keogh & Endurance
Release: In Autumn
Label: Provenance

Track: Dawn
Artist: The Angling Loser
Release: Author Of The Twilight
Label: Time Released Sound

Track: Paper Dawn
Artist: Taylor Deupree
Release: Fallen
Label: 12k

Track: Silent Dawn, Grey Twilight
Artist: Endless Melancholy
Release: A Quiet Recollection
Label: 1631 Recordings

Track: Half Light Of Dawn
Artist: Abdul Mogard
Release: Circular Forms 
Label: Ecstatic Recordings

Track: Dawn of Man
Artist: Alligator Crystal Moth
Release: Hexakosloihexekontahexaphobia
Label: Digitalis Recordings

Track: The Merciful Dawn
Artist: Alder and Ash
Release: Clutched in the Maw of the World
Label: Lost Tribe Sound

Track: The Breath Of Dawn
Artist: Anthony Pasquarosa
Release: Morning Meditations
Label: 4th Eye Musik

Track: Answers At Dawn
Artist: Isnaj Dui
Release: Split Release with These Feathers Have Plumes
Label: Was Ist Das Tapes

Track: Dawn
Artist: morimoto naoki
Release: Dusk to Dawn
Label: Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series

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