Used Parts Galaxy :: Best of 2018 Part 1 31st Dec 2018


D E E P L E A R N I N G   Transit Soft Confidence

poemme   Forest Hymn Moments in Golden Light

Slows   14-10 Enormous Pause

Silent Vigils   Zwartewall Fieldem

Sruti   Unspoken (Part 2) Heard, Unspoken

Nils Quak   No Significance Warmer Asphalt

Rhucle   That Sea Tears

Ouvala   Flashback Multiperspectivity

KJ   Caro Ex

Talk West   Shallow Fault Skinned Shin

Olan Mill   Week 4 Sounds of a New Father

Endurance   Sonatum Primar Shade Terranium

Hammock   We Watched You Disappear Universalis

Brendon John Warner   la jeunesse relative La Fonte

Lake Mary   Goya Koda

Saariselka   Ceres Ceres

Ben Rath   Innate Value Anything Is Possible

Emily A. Sprague   Synth 3 Mount Vision

MP Hopkins and Mark Harwood   Dogon Disfigured with Abbreviations

Foresteppe   s05e14 Mæta

Channellers   Like Water Like Rock Entrance To The Next

H.Takahashi   Blue Low Power

Rafael Anton Irisarri   Un Saltador El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente

M. Geddes Gengras   Mirror Light Pipe

Ezra Feinberg   God Sized Hole Pentimento and others

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