Used Parts Galaxy :: Peter Wright – Distant Bombs 5th Aug 2019

Peter Wright is from New Zealand and is a conjuror of beguiling sounds, incorporating guitar and field recordings. In Peter’s on words – “these are the most realised of the early PW recordings, certainly in the sense that the recordings still hold water to these jaded ears after all this time. Recorded in our rented seaside villa in Sumner, on the eastern coastal outskirts of Christchurch, often on weekends when the endless parade of boy racers streamed up and down the road nearby. If you listen carefully the sound of distant throbbing of supercharged engines leaks through in the quieter moments. Subtle vibrations indeed. ”




Kali Malone   Prelude The Sacrificial Code

Tim Coster & Mark Sadgrove   Untitled_02 Untitled

On The Area Steps   There Were Errors On The Area Steps XI.B

1k Flowers   Coracor Unthreatening Auras

Wintering With You   The Humble Bee & Offthesky All Other Voices Gone, Only Yours Remains

Peter Wright   The Subtle Vibrations Of Distant Bombs Distant Bombs

Peter Wright   Sprawling Like An Open Field Distant Bombs

Peter Wright   Deflection Distant Bombs

Peter Wright   Sumner Wives Wheeling Prams On The Esplanade Distant Bombs

Peter Wright   Claymore Distant Bombs

Peter Wright   Harsh Reflection Distant Bombs

Peter Wright   Undertow Distant Bombs

Slow Attack Ensemble   Death Leaves an Echo Delay Music

David Jackman   Sol Mara (excerpt) Sol Mara

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