Used Parts Galaxy :: Ghostrider 5th Oct 2020

Germany’s Jens Pauly is described as “seemingly appearing out of nowhere” in 2011 with two of that year’s best synth tapes on Hobo Cult and Digitalis Ltd as Ghostrider. We feature his excellent Demons release on the former label, a slow brew of bubbling synths. While he quickly retired his Ghostrider name, he’s continued making music under his own name. As well, we focus on recent releases on Past Inside The Present and VAAGNAR plus some stellar improv from Astral Spirits.

Track: Somnolence
Artist: Tapes and Topographies
Release: A Pulse of Durations
Label: Past Inside The Present

Track: The Dashboard Cast a Spectral Glow
Artist: r beny
Release: The Dashboard Cast a Spectral Glow
Label: Past Inside The Present

Track: Somber System
Artist: The Green Kingdom
Release: Residence On Earth
Label: Past Inside The Present

Track: Circadia
Artist: Pausal
Release: Melatonia
Label: Past Inside The Present


Track: Vega
Artist: Danny Widdicombe and Ant Aggs
Release: FACE
Label: Futurfonic Records

Track: (Half-Light of) the Cadmium Moon
Artist: Andrew Wasylyk
Release: Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation
Label: Athens of the North

Track: Essential Exultations
Artist: Brandon Seabrook Trio
Release: Exultations
Label: Astral Spirits

Track: Standing Tonalities
Artist: Arnold Dreyblatt
Release: Star Trap
Label: Black Truffle

Track: 882233
Artist: Tim Stine Trio
Release: Fresh Demons
Label: Astral Spirits


Track: All Tracks
Artist: Ghostrider
Release: Demons
Label: Hobo Cult Records


Track: Gli Spiriti Della Marca
Artist: Carlo Giustini
Release: Gli Spiriti Della Marca

Track: Let Me Taste The Salt From Your Tainted Skin
Artist: Amethyst
Release: The Journey

Track: Remaining Embers
Artist: Oberlin
Release: Solitary Hymns (Various Artists)

Track: Day 2 | Lamentation
Artist: Ybalferran
Release: Our Last Days

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