When the Levee Breaks :: 6:00pm 18th Mar 2023


China Burton   You Don’t Care About Our Love 1979

King Errisson   Well, Have A Nice Day 1977

Ann Peebles   Somebody’s On Your Case 1971

Pleasure   Can’t Turn You Loose 1977

Jim Keays   Urantia 1974

Baby’s Berserk   What I Mean 2023

Grace Jones   Love Is The Drug 1980

Siousxie And The Banshees   Hong Kong Garden 1978

Machinations   Jumping The Gap 1983

New Order   State Of The Nation 1986

Moon Duo   Eye To Eye 2019

Novella   Something Must Change 2015

Allah-Las   Catamaran 2012

Mudrac   Gotta Get Out 1991

The Monsters   Blues For Joe 2007

Black Lips   Does She Want 2011

The Coyote Men   Mullet Man 2020

The Mourning After   She Left Me Today 2022

The Sellwoods   Two Stroke Smoke 2018

The Deep Six   Like Emily 2019

The Low Spirits   Outta Sight 2023

Satan's Pilgrims   Journey To Eden 2019

The Nerve   Submarine 1995

Electric Looking Glass   Dream A Dream 2020

Communicant   She Moves The Sky 2020

Sacred Orange   Mr Opel 2020

Secret Colours   Oblivian 2020

Smell Of Incence   A Visit With Ashiya 1994

Fogbound   Edward Devine 2017

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