Erected signage at Curl Curl Dog Park raise concern among dog walkers

Dog walkers at the Flora and Ritchie Reserve known as curl curl dog park were caught off guard a few months ago by the Northern Beaches Council’s sudden relocation and erection of signage at the park reducing the unleashed dog area.

Although the sudden relocation of the sign, the plan to reduce the unleashed dog area is part of a draft masterplan from 2014 that was supposed to have been amended.

The reserve that is one of the few areas on the Northern beaches where dogs are permitted to be unleashed is also a popular area for exercise and surf checks.

In response to the Councils new signage, local resident David Harvey put together a petition that reached 360 signatures within 3 days.

Former Police Commander and current surf life saver and Councillor on the Northern Beaches, David Walton, sponsor of Walton’s petition joins the Drive.

Photo provided by Councillor David Walton.

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