Cement Fondu’s ‘Between Suns’ and ‘The Refugee Art Project’: Exhibition Launch

Cement Fondu is a new and unique live arts space in Sydney’s Paddington, and is about to launch two powerful exhibitions that offer insight into the Australian migrant and refugee experience.

The exhibitions are called Between Suns and ‘The refugee Art Project’, and explore the artists’ personal narrative of human experience via multi-media platforms, aiming to evoke a sense of healing and reflection.

The launch will be celebrated with cabaret-style performances, South Asian canapés and soulful music, hosted by ‘2 Boys in Saris’.

Joel was lucky enough to be joined live in studio with Founder and Coordinator of ‘The Refugee Art Project’, Safdar Ahmed, and two artists from ‘Between Suns’: James Nguyen and Shivanjani Lal on the morning of their launch.

Exhibition launch for ‘Between Suns’ and ‘The Refugee Art Project’, Cement Fondu, Paddington, 21 July, 2-4pm, Free

Image: Pure Water by James Nguyen, 2018.

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