Extended Play >> Sideways Through Sound – 03-02-2021

Sit back and relax with Extended Play on Sideways Through Sound…

Artist: Kungens Män

Title: Basfällan

Length: 13.08

Album: Den Nya Skivan

Kungens Män from Stockholm, Sweden has been around as a musical unit since 2012. The roots as friends go way back though.

Noises, impulses, fuck ups and improvised psychedelic jams with elements from kraut, lo-fi, punk, noise, shoegaze, free jazz and feel connected to the tradition of legendary Swedish improv rock such as Träd, Gräs och Stenar, International Harvester and Pärson Sound.

Kungens Män get together and play as their way of unloading the stress of a working week, locking together in some dank rehearsal room, someone names a key to play in and Kungens Män proceed to play as just for a few hours they lose themselves in the wonder of music and vibrations that you get when 6 brothers are connected to the outer limits.

So lean back, take a deep breath, and hear the cosmos of Kungens Män unfold. PLAY LOUD.

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