FEAST: Kabul Social

When you’re looking for a meal packed with love, look no further than Kabul Social.

The bright blue venue is buoyed by a loyal staff including a number of Afghani refugees who have brought a taste of home to the Wynyard dining district.

Shaun Christie-David opened the venue off the back of the incredible success of his first venture Colombo Social.

Speaking with host Maddie Achenza, Shaun details the bestselling aushak dumplings that are handmade on-site and the purpose that drives his second-life in the hospitality industry.

So far the restaurant has trained more than a hundred asylum seekers and provided almost 80,000 meals to people in Australia and abroad.

Modest to a fault, his desire to bring people together around a table has brought some incredible dishes to the heart of the city.

You can check out all the dishes here and find the menu here.

Sunday 16th of April, 2023

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