FEAST: Vandal, Greens and the vegan mile

People are desperate for a better way to buy and eat food – a future where food can fuel us without degrading the planet.

Peter Varvaressos has spent the last 18 months bringing his vision for that future to life.

The owner of Newtown’s beloved vegan taqueria, Vandal, and now the proud creator of the city’s first 100% vegan supermarket, Greens – Varvaressos is unafraid of paving the way for a new age of food.

Extracting value from every piece of produce and cutting food waste is at the heart of his ambitious plan, and lead to creative solutions to problems within the existing food system.

Peter heads a growing chain of restaurants surrounding Newtown’s vegan mile which prove the potential for hospitality and supermarkets to work together to create better food.

Shoppers will be able to breathe a sigh of relief when they walk through the front door of Greens which opens it’s door for the first time on July 25.

Listen to the full episode and go check out the venues.



403 King St, Newtown

You must try: ‘tuna’ tostadas, ‘prawn’ taco, the churros!!!

Greens supermarket


61 Enmore Road

Be the first to sample the supermarket when doors open on Tuesday, July 25!

Coming later this year: Two new vegan spots, Kimusabi and Hide

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