Amateurs by Laura Jean

by Jasmin Williams

Get excited, because this week’s 2SER Feature Album is Laura Jean’s latest release, Amateurs. 

Proclaimed as an album centred around anti-art and anti-intellectual culture in Australia, Jean explores the priority of art in her life, and questions her roles as a songwriter. All while producing a warm yet emotional album.

Laura Jean’s freshest album Amateurs will be her first record since the release of Devotion in 2018. Gaining widespread approval from international celebrities like Lorde and Brie Larson, as well as major publications so anticipation is high for this new release. 

Transitioning through various pop and folk-based tracks, there is a certain feel to this album that doesn’t come around often, and leaves you wanting more. From the chill laid-back tracks like ‘Rainbow Club’ to the toe-tapping rhythms in ‘Too Much To Do’, there is something for everyone in this stellar release. 

“Amateurs means to do something for love, not money, and somehow it’s become a dirty word, shorthand for a failure,” says Laura. “These songs arise from my acceptance that I will always be an ‘amateur.’ At the same time, in making this record I was fuelled by a desire to create something inordinately luxurious and beautiful.”

From the layered strings, emotional keys, pop synths and Laura’s trademark haunting vocals, Amateurs is set to cause a ripple in the scene and draw in new listeners from all walks of life. 

Presenting listeners with a perfect fusion of the deep-synth pop of her last album Devotion and her older releases, this is an album perfect for a warm morning, a cold night and everything in between.

Check out this hotly recommended album digitally and on vinyl via from Chapter Music.

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