As Above, So Below by Sampa The Great

The feature album this week on 2SER is As above, so below, the fourth album from trailblazing Zambian-Australian artist Sampa the Great.

Recorded over the course of two weeks while in Zambia during the pandemic, it’s an exceptionally produced work that effortlessly combines elements of rap, traditional rhythms, 70s Zamrock and afro-futurist directions in an album that confronts inequality, as well as manifestations of femininity.

The recurring concept of herself as “Eve”, is represented in both an historical and modern context as a force for transformation.  When I decided to go on the journey of Eve, I knew I was coming into the full realisation of myself and all aspects of  me. Most importantly, my femininity. I had to push myself to be comfortable inexpressing my femininity through my art,on my own terms. I then used that energy to birth As Above, So Below.

Drawing on a kaleidoscope of influences and collaborations (everyone from Joey Bada$$ to Angeliqué Kidjo turn up in various tracks), it’s an album that moves and winds it’s way as a story and vision, yet frequently hits passages that drive in a way that take this well beyond a typical concept album. Highly recommended.

Out now on vinyl and digital via Loma Vista.

2SER listeners can win a copy on vinyl in the usual way.