Australian Dream by Concrete Sea

The Feature Album this week on 2SER comes via Illawarra-based trio Concrete Sea.

Concrete Sea are Nick Elias, Cody Munro Moore and Rohan Wilcox who are best-known for their contributions to groups such as The Morning Star, Big White, New Lovers, The Money Go Round and Wallspace.

Australian Dream sees their tight and refined songwriting and musicianship come together in a bold and direct debut. The distinctly husky and baritone vocal style of Elias sit ever-present on this  revealing, poetic and often heart-wrenchning set of songs that dell on the darkness in modern Australian life as well love lost, intergenerational relations, historical injustices and a pervasive sense of unease.

Combine this with their knack for hitting on infectious, rolling guitar pop hooks and underlying  direct and authentic energy, this is real revelation of a group and record.

Australian Dream is out now via Stranded Recording Studios on Digital and Vinyl.

2SER Subscribers can win a copy on vinyl. Tune in all this week to find out how.