Body Type – Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing Is Surprising

Words by Oscar Byrne 

Blistering Sydney indie rockers Body Type have released their debut album ​​Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising, the feature LP this week on 2SER. The local four-pieces release was entirely self-funded and mastered by Jonathan Boulet who gave the group complete autonomy in the studio.

“What was important about Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising is that we got to do it the way that we wanted to do it. It brought us back to why we started the band in the first place” Cecil Coleman

The album itself is filled with a sense of complete and absolute urgency, driven by vocals that tackle the energy that arises after a period of extreme creative restlessness.  This lyrical approach is underpinned by sparkling vocal harmonies and pulsating rhythm sections which drive the record along with a contagious energy. 

This is a debut from the Sydney powerhouse that deserves and demands your absolute attention, 11 tracks infused with heavy doses of emotion, vulnerability and a refreshing serving of originality. 


Out now on vinyl and digital via Poison City Records