BUTU by Kokoko!

The Feature Album this week on 2SER comes from Congolese electro-punk dance collective Kokoko! with their second studio record, BUTU.

The follow up to 2019’s critically acclaimed debut “Fongola”, BUTU further their intense punk and electronic hybrid sound, with a high energy rhythmic focus, growling synths and guitar, combined with elements of Kwaito and Kuduru influences.

Rooted as much in protest and street performance as modern dance forms, Kokoko! sing in a combination of Kikongo, French, Lingala and Swahili languages, the music has a strong tie to poltical resistance, in particular railing against human rights violations and injustices in the DRC. It’s a relentless and fierce fusion of dance music and activism, technology and the street and highly recommended.

BUTU is out now on Transgressive on vinyl and digital