Curtis Harding – If Words Were Flowers


Since his 2014 debut, Soul Power, Curtis Harding’s evolution as an artist has taken place in full vision of soul music lovers across the world. 

This new collection was already a work in progress before the chaos of 2020 enveloped the world, and particularly the United States. During the many months of  turmoil  that followed, Harding refined this into a piece of work that is beautiful and timeless.

A strong political and human sensitivity runs throughout the 11 tracks on this fantastic LP, as it drifts effortlessly through RnB, Psychadelia, Hip Hop and Soul. The strong presence of Harding is more enhanced by the exquisite production of longtime collaborator  Sam Cohen.

As such  Words Were Flowers feels like his most complete recording to date, exploring the many offshoots of the classic soul sound at it’s core.

With modern artists in a storied genre, one can be tempted to pin a likeness to greats of the past. In this case there are shades of everything but mostly a sound of his own.

Do yourself a favour.