Excess by Automatic

Riding in on jacked up combination of   apocalyptic pop and synth-disco mayhem, the second album from LA’s Flasher, entitled EXCESS, is the Feature album this week on 2SER.

The follow up to their 2019 album Signal, it combines superb production and a deadpan-cool pop delivery with a beautifully integrated combination of drums, bass and bold synthesisers.


Halle Saxon, Izzy Glaudini, andLola Dompe have put together a wide-ranging work here, with low-riding cosmic tracks such as Skyscraper and Realms juxtaposed against the high intensity post-punk sensibilites of songs such as NRG and Automaton.

Pervaded throughout by a retrofuturist aesthetic and sense of sci-fi doom, one could point to a line-up of influences here, ranging from Devo to Tom Tom Club, yet the execution and ownership of their sound makes this unique in it’s own right, and for an excellent listen. Highly recommended.

Out now on Vinyl* and Digital on Stones Throw

*2SER listeners can win a vinyl copy by emailing win at 2ser with “Automatic” in the header.