Fascination by Buzz Kull

Words by James Fitzgerald Sice

Eora/Sydney-based synth and darkwave exponent Marc Dwyer, aka Buzz Kull, is the creator of this week’s 2SER feature album, Fascination.

Fascination, Buzz Kull’s third album, clearly draws inspiration from late 80s EBM and European New Beat and electro, at least in its often stark and dystopian sonic template, whilst being a contemporary take on the likes of Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 and Model 500.

The album kicks off with the dark banger Rise from your Grave (a phrase gleaned from the 1998 SEGA game), which draws you in with its entrancing crunchy arpeggiated synth bass and keeps you hooked with Marc Dwyer’s post-punkish vocals.


The entire album conjures images of sweaty bodies dancing in the club on a hot, stinking Saturday night. However, hints of darker themes weave themselves through each song until eventually songs like Dead Inside and Burn it to the Ground bring the darker side of this album to fruition.

Energetic synthesiser melodies brashly cut across dance rhythms and rigid arpeggios, a function of this being a solo project rooted in live performance, and the swirling electronic dance focus often gives way to introspective ambient pieces and it’s an excellent record that explores much ground from the hardworking producer.

Fascination is out now via AVANT! on Digital and Vinyl (better be quick on the latter though).

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