Foursome by Buttering Trio

The Feature Album this week on 2SER is the dreamlike new one from Tel-Aviv’s Buttering Trio.

An excellent dive into radiant soul, middle eastern influences and intersecting electronic psychedelia, Foursome is a feast of high quality production, sun-drenched funk and poignant lyricism.

Recorded in four days during 2020, the songs on the album are an encapsulation of longer form tracks that make up their live set. Evolving from being a trio – the group recently added percussionist Armin Bresler – live and sequenced drums, keys and bass interplay with theĀ  vocals of Keren Dun. The end result is an album that plays out with a mesmerising slow dance groove and it’s a fantastic listen.

Out now on vinyl and digital via RAW TAPES / Red Eye

2SER subscribers can win a copy on vinyl by emailing “Foursome” to win at 2ser dot com.