Grand Bizarre by Bottled Up

The Feature Album this week on 2SER is the dizzying fourth from Washington D.C based outfit Bottled Up.

Entitled Grand Bizarre, it is an adventurous collection of styles, taking in elements of disco, electronic dance music and indie rock, often nestled in the same track.

In comparison to previous outings, such as 2020’s Crystal LP, the jangly guitars are largely substituted for drum machines and synthesiser passages, taking on a much later night tone, particularly on the latter half.

And it all clicks: throughout hitting frequent high points with it’s stylistically shifting arrangements, and will appeal to fans of the likes of Blood Orange, Hot Chip and dare I say it, Prince.

Fronted by Nikhil Rao,  Bottled Up features a cast of ten. Although often dense, the tracks are constantly grabbing and overall the impression is of a band being open and embracing risk, with rich musicality punching through in frequent bursts.

An unexpected hit here at 2SER, Grand Bizarre is a raw and dynamic record that doesn’t hold back from risky directions and has a spirit of experimentalism that pops out on every track. Highly recommended. 


Out now on vinyl and digital via Redeye/Misra Records