Here is one I know you know by SEJA

The Feature Album this week on 2SER is the third album from Brisbane/Meanjin-based D.I.Y auteur Seja Vogel (aka Seja)!

Vogel recorded Here is one I know you know herself in her home studio, singing and playing  numerous keyboards on each track as well as guitars, bass, omnichord, rhodes piano, drum machines, programming and sequencing.

Vogel called in a cast of friends to play on the record, including Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music) on bass, Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) on percussion, Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia) on octobans, Georgia Mooney (All Our Exes Live in Texas) on backing vocals, George Browning (Velociraptor) on drums and percussion, Nicole Perry on congas, Chris Farrer (the Quickening) on guitar solos, Conrad Greenleaf (Richard in Your Mind) on bass and Danny Widdicombe (the Wilson Pickers) on pedal steel as well as Hotmagnets on general sonic and noise trickery.

Across nine tracks it’s a complete package, a brilliantly put together record of warm celestial dream-pop and a tribute to analogue synth music that juxtaposes melodic vocals,  krautrock psych-funk and often dark menacing soundscapes.




Here is one I know you know is out now via IT Records on digital and vinyl