Molly Nilsson – Extreme

The Swedish-via-Berlin producer and singer Molly Nillson delivers a gleaming journey through lyrically conscious pop ballads, 80s rave-era aesthetics, and refined sonic creations. A joyous, nostalgia-laden and ultimately uplifting album from the fiercely independent artist.

Awash with warm, reverb-drenched 80s and 90s styled hypnagogic pop anthems, it feels like a guided search through the darkness for hope, and is a highly recommended listen, and 2SER’s Feature album this week.

Alot has happened since her last album, 2018’s Twenty-Twenty.

Lead single Absolute Power, released last year, with it’s military styled-beat and persistent distorted guitar , already hinted at the theme of confronting the present moment with bravery: “Its me versus the black hole at the centre of the galaxy”.

Political and social issues are confronted with a stealthy and unique lyricism, perhaps most strikingly on Fearless like a child. It begins as a slow number, a seemingly obvious meditation on one-night-stands and sexual freedom. As it switches up gears into double time, the main chorus explodes and is simultaneously converted into “I love my womb, come inside I feel so alive”. An extremely memorable line in itself, and it’s reference to reproductive rights is rammed home the next:

“Controversy since the Ancient days
someone’s always gonna try and take it away
but don’t let them get away”


Other highlight moments also include the pitch-shifting  house of  Intermezzo, reminiscent of summer of love-era Detroit techno, and the rolling stadium-rock infused Sweet Smell of Success, itself a reminder of the importance of self-forgiveness. Set to a perfect groove, the “goes around, comes around” message of Kids Today gives a gentle call to always keep one eye on the future and keep respect across generations.

The other single prior to release, Pompeii, appropriately closes things out in melancholy and poetic style. A rending breakup song, simultaneously a cry for things to remain the same, frozen in time, while embracing their passing.

Out now on Night School Records on vinyl and digital.