My Echo, Shadow and Me by Jonny Benavidez

The Feature album this week on 2SER comes courtesy of El Paso, Texas-born breakout artist Jonny Benavidez.

My Echo, Shadow and Me  was co-produced by Helsinki-based Cold Diamond and Mink, and a number of these songs had found their way out over recent years as limited 45 releases on esteemed Finnish label Timmion.

Inspired by his grandfather, who was a notable figure in the El Paso live scene of the 1960s, Benavidez began singing at age 13 and spent his teen years studiously listening to various records from the era. For his first full-length album, Benavidez picks up the pieces of a multitude of inspirations to deliver a stellar trip through harmonised Doo Wop, RnB and Soul that oozes with sweet uplifting feeling all the way in combination with a classically produced studio sound.

Highly recommended and out now via Daptone/Penrose on vinyl and digital.