Sundial by Noname

The Feature Album this week on 2SER is Sundial, the third full-length release from Chicago-born rapper, author and activist Fatimah Nyeema Warner, aka Noname. 

Her first in five years, it features a myriad of collaborators, including Common, Eryn Allen Kane, Billy Woods, $ilkmoney and more, Sundial is an expansive record of slick yet bluntly delivered hip hop and neo-soul delivered across clinically produced loops and beats that lean heavily into a dusty jazz aesthetic.

An artist that has always been direct in speaking her mind through music, while being simultaneously self-reflective and critiquing her own assumptions, this one is guided by the weight of social justice and a cooly delivered outrage propelled much of the lyrics, as she takes aim at, among many things, the hypocrisy of celebrity culture, the US political establishment and the carnage of imperialism.


Sundial is out now, self-released independently.