The Real Work by Party Dozen


The feature album this week on 2SER is the bold, brash and screaming third album from Sydney duo Party Dozen, aka Kirsty Tickle and Jonathan Boulet.

Not for the faint of heart, this is a wildly adventurous and noise charged album, with heady, demented dance grooves that scream of live-performed energy and a search for new forms, tension-ridden power jams, all underpinned by unified sax, fuzz guitar and sampled loops. The sporadic vocals are mostly recorded by Tickle singing through the  bell-end of her saxophone.

This an album for which superlatives come thick and fast, but genre-definitions don’t, and experimentalism sits at it’s core:

We try not to replicate the same vibe twice. Each record is a compilation of ideas we think we haven’t explored as a band. Every time we come to jam new songs we consider how the jam might fit into our catalogue as a whole. 

Party Dozen recently caught up with 2SER’s The Band Next Door for a chat about the record as well.

It’s an exceptional release and highly recommended and out now on Vinyl and Digital via GRUPO / Temporary Residence.

2SER subscribers can win a copy of said vinyl – tune in throughout the week to find out how.