Wet Leg – ‘Wet Leg’

Words by Oscar Byrne 

Indie Disco Isle of Wight group Wet Leg have released their eponymous debut album. The duo which is made up of best friends Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers worked with producer Dan Carey (Speedy Wunderground, Squid, Fontaines DC) on the album. 

“It was such a beautiful, homely studio, with no glass separating us. We didn’t have much studio recording experience, but we immediately felt at ease at Dan’s. It just felt right.” 

The groups artistic endeavours are also evident in the album cover, with Hester designing all of the artwork used on the groups singles. The pair also directed the accompanying videos for Chaise Longue, Wet Dream and Oh No.



Wet Legs approach to making music is rooted in an effort to place a liberating stream of consciousness lyrical style at the forefront of their sound, drawing the listener into their world of crazy ex’s and the urge both Rhian and Hester hold to savour their youth. Throughout the whole record a dark and relatable sense of humour is maintained, tracks like loving you directly tackle the clueless ex who ‘wants to be friends’, and is driven forward musically by pristine melodies, along with ethereal synth lines that float along the track with ease. 

Ending the album is UR Mum, a song that tackles the feeling of outgrowing the slow pace of life and small town energy of the Isle of Wight. The tune is injected with swirling choruses that are burnished with a pulsing bass line and vocal harmonies that work together in blissful unison. 

“I snuck my guitar into my hotel room and wrote it at the end of a long, boring day….. Sometimes it’s just good to have a big scream, isn’t it?” (Rihan) 



Wet legs self titled debut album is a record that makes you want to get out of bed, meet up with your best friend and head to the nearest house party. Infused with synth spiked melodies, driving back beats and immensely relatable lyrics, this truly is an inimitable debut album from the UK duo and Feature Album this week on 2SER. 


Out now on vinyl, cassette and digital via Domino