Fertility Apps and Data Protection

Women used to look at calendar dates and relied on physical signs to figure out when their period was about to start.

However, with the advent of apps for just about everything, including fertility, more women are relying on technology to accurately predict their cycle. While useful, these fertility apps collect the most intimate data of users, often at vulnerable moments in their life

Alarmingly, a recent study has found a significant lack of data protection for fertility app users under current Australian privacy laws, another illustration of why Australia’s privacy laws need to be updated to clarify what data is covered by the Privacy Act.

Dr Katharine Kemp, Senior Lecturer at UNSW Law Faculty joined 2SER Breakfast to discuss.

Feedback is being sought on the Government response to the Privacy Act Review Report. You can have your say here, but get in quick as the deadline for feedback is 31 March 2023.