Few And Far Between (with Peter Dovgan)

This week on Across The Park, we are without Gaby. But it’s ok, as our intern Rowan stepped up and we were joined by photographer Peter Dovgan, fresh off his time at the Olympics! First we start off by discussing the Census, then a woman who pretended to be a doctor, and then we are joined by Peter and talk about the following: how little we know about photography, how Peter scored his way to shoot the Olympic Games, shooting live music, how to get into photography, what’s it like taking photos of sports you enjoy, how to capture the best sporting moment, shooting the Olympics with no crowd and what the Covid protocol was, knowing what events he would shoot, some of Peter’s best shots, how much equipment he used, is live music easier or harder to shoot, how quarantine is going, Australia finishing the games on a high, the amazing Decathlon scenes,  the closing ceremony, soccer news, EPL, the Eels form slump, Australia’s T20 side really struggling, and a quiz!

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