The fight for legal abortions in Queensland

This week, two bills currently before QLD parliament have been dominating state conversation. Introduced by MP Rob Payne, these proposed law reforms intend to modernise the state’s antiquated abortion laws; laws that have not been amended since they were introduced 2 centuries ago, in 1899. Where it currently incurs sanctions of 7 to 14 years imprisonment, the new reforms seek to decriminalise the procurement of abortion whilst also establishing 50 meter ” safe zones” outside abortion facilities to protect patient privacy and safety. Given just last year a 12 year old girl was prosecuted by the QLD Supreme Court to obtain ‘permission’ for an abortion, it seems these changes are certainly necessary to secure reproductive freedom and autonomy for women.

To elaborate on what the bills consist of and how they are progressing through the QLD parliament, we were joined by Emily Howie, Director of Advocacy and Research at the Human Rights Law Centre.

Produced by Madison Thorne

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