Fighting Crime with the iWitnessed App

Forgetting your phone, the favour you promised a friend, or the date of the next family function – we all fall hazy on the details. Forgetfulness can happen to the best of us, so what happens when you need to remember a crime? A group of cognitive scientists from some of Australia’s leading universities have got the solutions.

Just last week, these scientists released ‘iWitnessed’, an app designed to preserve the memory of witnesses to traumatic incidents. For witnesses, this modern technology is on your side! The app allows you to record your account as soon as possible, and beat your ‘bad memory’.

Creators have high hopes for iWitnessed, as a way to support testimonies, trials and investigations. Jess spoke with Dr Helen Paterson, one of the memory experts that collaborated on iWitnessed, to find out more.

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