Flickerfest 2022: Whats on Jan 26-30

Flickerfest 2022 is the 31st installment of Bondi’s Short Film Festival.

The programme for the second half of the festival promises laughs, gasps and overall entertainment.

In the coming days;

  • Wed Jan 26th: Indigneous Spotlight, Best of Australian Shorts
  • Thurs Jan 27th: Best Of International Shorts, Short Laughs Comedy
  • Friday Jan 28th: Flickerlab, Rainbow Shorts (LGBTQI+), Love Bites
  • Sat Jan 29th: FlickerKids, SAE FlickerUp Youth Shorts, Best of EU, Short Laughs Comedy
  • Sun Jan 30th: Closing Night


Festival Director Bronwyn Kidd joined 2Ser Breakfast to discuss.

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