Trans-Tasman Travel Bubble To Commence demand sends prices up

Tens and thousands of passengers are expected to fly between Australia and New Zealand beginning from Sunday 18 April midnight when the Trans-Tasman travel bubble is due to open for the first time since New Zealand imposed unprecedented travel restrictions on overseas travelers over a year ago. Prime Minister Jacinta Arden’s announcement last week that the trans-Tasman bubble will commence for both Australian and New Zealand travelers wishing to fly between the two countries without undergoing mandatory quarantine, has been met with excitement. Travel websites have experienced a bump in plane ticket bookings with Skyscanner reporting a 1570% surge in flight bookings between New Zealand and Australia, with visits to their website up sixty-six percent. Flight analysts warn that with high demand for tickets, plane fares could skyrocket and travel won’t come without its risks.


Thursday 8th of April, 2021

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