Freestyle Cyclists are taking on helmet laws across Australia

Sydney is not the most optimal place in the world to cycle as a mode of transport. There aren’t many dedicated bike paths, and drivers can get a little aggressive on the roads, let’s be honest.

Freestyle Cyclists are a group dedicated to breaking down those stereotypes surround cycling, and want to see it become a fun, safe and efficient way to get around for everyone. One part of that is pushing for relaxed helmet laws across our country. Since their introduction there’s been a severe decline in cycling, and fines in NSW are $330, amongst the highest penalties in the world for riding without a helmet.

Sydney coordinator for Freestyle Cyclists, Rudy Botha, joins Nic to chat about the Helmet Optional Ride, which is pushing for those law changes, and to raise awareness about the alternate methods of cycle safety. It kicks off tomorrow at 11am in front of the Centennial Homestead in Centennial Park. Head to for more info, RSVP at the Facebook event.

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