Fuelled By The Fire

A tight, live band is a well-oiled machine. It also doesn’t come without it’s sacrifices, hard work and plenty of elbow grease.
After slaying a bunch of showcases in their hometown of Brisbane during BIGSOUND – Full Flower Moon Band has solidified it’s spot as a tidal force to be reckoned with.
Fronted by Babyshakes who cut her teeth playing and recording with Gabriella Cohen, FFMB has been through the rigor that comes with the operation of being an independent band, emerging from the other side of the grind their most concentrated work to date, the album DIESEL FOREVR.
Written while battling through a touring musician’s life on the road, Diesel Forever is an album of 9 combustible tracks that takes it’s torque from the hustle of lastminute billing changes, the adrenaline of perpetual afterparties, and the staggered late nights of watching that endless double line soaked in your car’s headlights.

So on The Band Next Door on 2SER, we’ll be hearing from the guitarist and vocalist who has flown the FFMB banner from a wide-eyed bedroom project to a fully fledged rock band, as Babyshakes shares light on the determination and the drive at the core of Full Flower Moon Band, embracing the songwriting practice that was most natural, and looking back at the murky sounds of their first album Chinatown.

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