Gabbie Stroud Directs Attention To The Heart Of Education

Enter a world where teachers are forbidden by the government to give praise or smile widely when assessing their students. No, we’re not talking about a country living under authoritarian rule – we’re talking about our very own Australian education system.  

One former teacher turned author, Gabbie Stroud, is now exposing the red tape and bureaucracy that’s secretly enshrined within the education system. Her book ‘Teacher’ chronicles the profoundly moving story of a teacher struggling to carry on. Gabbie highlights the humanity that is often ignored by standardised exams, and the tidbits of kindness that can drastically transform someone’s life – this book is a universal donor – the uplifting and stoic narrative we all need to hear.

In our compelling interview, Gabbie discusses why she abandoned a thriving career in education to clean holiday houses, the moments in her teaching career that still give her emotional bruises, and the hilarious jokes that only a 5-year-old could come up with.


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