Gaming industry forgets women are creators, consumers

Gaming, it’s a multibillion dollar industry and a hugely popular pastime, it’s come a long way from the sticky, coin-gobbling arcade machines and nerdy basement dweller reputation of yesteryear. But one area where advancements seems to be majorly stalled is the industry’s attitudes to women, whether as virtual avatars or real flesh and blood creators and customers. Now a fabulous example of this that’s been blowing up on social media would by Microsoft decision at the Global Developers Conference in San Francisco last week to kit out a bunch of tabletop dancers at their Xbox GDC Party in skimpy schoolgirl outfits and have them bump and grind for the entertainment of the presumably largely male partygoers. To discuss the gaming industry’s attitudes to women, Sean Britten spoke to Tegan Jones from the gaming website and podcast Sass Effect.

Produced by Sean Britten


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