Gender biased medical care: Inquiry into barriers faced by women seeking pain management

The Victorian government is undertaking a public inquiry into the various challenges  women and girls aged over 12  face when seeking treatment and managment of pain. The results from the inquriy will be used to create policies and regulations to minimise medical bias against women and girls seeking support for their pain. 

This is a first Australian inquiry specifically looking into the pain management gap women and girls. With a higher proportion of women living with chronic pain (3 in 5) yet are less likely to seek treatment,  this is an ongoing challenge that requires urgent funding and policy changes by state and territory governments. 

To gain more insight into the implications of poor chronic pain management  on women and girls , Fiona Hudson, a registered clinical nursing consultant with over 26 years experience in chronic pain management and the vice president of Chronic Pain Australia,  joined the Monday daily. 

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