Gerald Murnane’s The Plains

The Plains, from Gerald Murnane is the feature of our August Australian Classics Book Club.

Australian Classics Book Club

The Australian Classics Book Club is a monthly exploration of Australian writing; who we are, or perhaps aren’t, and what makes us tick. Each episode features a panel of authors, editors, publishers and critics. It’s a great way to look back and discover great Australian Writing.

Gerald Murnane’s The Plains

The New York Times has described Gerald Murnane as ‘the greatest living English language writer you have never heard of’. At eighty years old he has published widely beginning with his debut novel Tamarisk Row in 1974.

The Plains opens on an unnamed narrator arriving on the plains with the intention of making a film that will show the plains as they have never been seen. Haunting the local pub, talking with plainsmen about their world, our narrator seeks the patronage and influence that will allow him to realise his epic project. Later in the library of his benefactor; a plains landowner we enter the world of his creative process and confront the strange realities that make up plains life. 

Today’s Book Club features Wayne Macauley, author of Some Test and Simpson Returns in conversation with Andrew Pople.

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