‘Get(ting) Into Trouble’ With Maple Glider

Trigger Warning – This interview doesn’t discuss anything in detail, but this album as a whole does delve into raw and personal topics, and may be uncomfortable.

Maple Glider has a new album out, titled ‘I Get Into Trouble’, following her acclaimed debut.

With velvety melodic vibes and sombre sound, the album takes listeners back to Maple Gliders Christian childhood while deconstructing her relationship to her body and sexuality alongside concepts of consent and shame.

This album is genuinely one I have found myself coming back to over and over again. With her delicate voice paired with laid back instrumental, it comes with a perfect balance.

Tori has such a way of putting listeners into a time and place with her thoughtful and emotive lyrics. These songs are like no other, and have been moulded with such care that listening feels like you’re holding a heart in your hands.

Tori (aka Maple Glider) sat down with Dream State host, Jasmin Williams ahead of her show at the Lansdowne and discussed all things ‘I Get Into Trouble’, touring in Europe and some of her favourite artists.

You can see Maple Glider in Sydney, on the 10th of November at the Lansdowne. Just to make things even better, she will be supported by Sydney legends, Beryl and Maia Toakley – making this a show you will not want to miss.  Tickets are avaliable here. 

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