Getting It Back – Cymande slide on in to Breakfast!

They are the unsung heroes of hip hop, disco and a host of other genres, whose message of peace and love has helped shape music for five decades.

Long after they stopped playing live, their music played on… so, they returned to play some more.

2024 is the year that 70’s funk pioneers Cymande return to reclaim their crown. They have announced their debut Australian tour, marking their first ever run of shows in the country in their fifty-year-long career and the documentary film about the band, Getting It Back: The Story Of Cymande is due for a wide release.

Founding members Steve Scipio and Patrick Patterson joined 2SER Breakfast on the cusp of the Cymande renaissance, fulfilling the dreams of host Danny Chifley.

Our advice is, as always: listen to Cymande.

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