Getting kids back to school

If you’re a parent that has got younger kids, then you’ll probably be getting them ready to head back to school this week. For some parents though, especially after a longer holiday in the middle of the year, it may be difficult to motivate younger children into going back to school again. Are you in this sort of situation? We were joined by Amanda Dudley, psychologist and lecturer from Deakin University, to discuss what exactly you should do to get kids back into the ‘groove’.

As always, communication is key between any parent and child. If a child is showing reluctance to go to school, especially at a younger age, it is often because there is some sort of pressure that deters them from wanting to go back to school. If problems persist, it is worth asking the school for assistance, however it can ultimately be worth trying to get the child to come round by having the parent explain the benefits of school.

Take a listen for more tips on getting kids keen for school again.

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