Getting Through SAD with Emma Russack

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KOKOKO! – Fongola

Daughter of Swords – Dawnbreaker
Emma Russack – Winter Blues
MELT – Sour Fruit
Olympia – Flamingos
Rainbow Chan – Pillar
The Soft Cavalry – The Soft Cavalry
Various Artists – Deadly Hearts 2

This week we see the return of Melbourne singer songwriter Emma Russack and her fifth album ‘Winter Blues’. While most of the record is drenched in a sombre reverie, it’s an incredible comforting listen with Russack’s subtle vocals and spacious arrangements around piano and acoustic guitars taking centre stage.

A Sydney artist continually challenging what pop and electronic music means is Rainbow Chan. Thematically her latest album ‘Pillar’, concentrates on movement and change. It’s vibrant, pop influenced electronica that’s unconfined, uncompromising and not shy of spilling across its perceived lanes.

And The Soft Cavalry is a new duo made up of Rachel Goswell (from Slowdive), and her husband Steve Clarke. Situated in the sweet spot between between the shoegaze and synth-pop, is where you’ll find their self-titled debut, but a little warmer in texture and embellished with some gorgeous chamber arrangements of strings and brass.

Plus new singles from The Teskey Brothers, Moon Duo, Ruben Neeson, E for Echo and Ride.

Monday 8th of July, 2019

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